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Terms & Conditons

Terms and Conditions

We recommend to make reservations in advance to check availability, last orders can receive up to 24 hours before departure do to check the availability of space.

Exotic Komodo Tour as a travel agent as we enter Indonesia: Komodo Tours, Wae Rebo Tours, Flores Tours with culture.

Komodo Tours and Flores Island Tour
The natural state of the island Flores, make you happy with the adventure to Wae Rebo, Lake three colors Kelimutu and friendly culture. Komodo island with komodo dragons are very well known for the beauty of the sea.

We accept payment by cash or credit card (Visa or Master Card), Paypal
For each reservation please make an advance payment as a minimum deposit of 30% of the total cost to make a booking guarantee and the rest you can pay one day before the trip or maximum on the dates you want.

Tour packages
All packages are made to be sold by Komodo Exotic Tour, please contact us if you have any questions or suggest to email: kristian@komodoexotictour.com