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Komodo Day Diving

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Batu Bolong

A small rock in the strait between Tatawa kecil and Komodo. The steep drop off, the 3 pinnacles and the amazing canyon are covered in colorful hard and soft corals and thousands of brilliant reef fish. In the deeper parts you can find sharks, napoleon wrasse, gaint travelly, dogtooth tuna, large schools of rainbow runners, turtles and occasionaly a Manta or Eagle ray. Due to this undamaged reef and big fish you can count on it to the world class diving!

Tatawa Kecil
A little island southwest of Tatawa Besar with cave like overhangs, rock formations and a fantastic coral reef on the northwest side. Schools of snapper and fuseliers, sweetlips, sharks, gaint golden travelly or turtles can be seen around slack tide. Manta rays love the coral plateau in the south and north and dugongs have been spotted here.

Crystal Rock
This tiny rock is only seen at low tide and clear water surrounds it. The reef is very colorful with excellent soft corals, big schools of oriental and harlequin sweetlips, batfish, scorpion fish, gaint moray, frog fish and bluefin travelly.
Even pigmy seahorses have been seen here.

Castle Rock
In fantastic clear water is an underwater mountain like a castle starting in 5 m north of Crystal Rock. In approx. 30 mtr. you can see big schools of barracuda, travelly, dogtooth tuna, whitetip and gray reefsharks. A little above in 15-20 mtr. you see excellent soft corals and numerous gorgonias hosting pygmy seahorses and many interesting things more.

Small Makasar
A sandbank between Komodo and Batu Bolong. A favorite place for manta rays, occasionally large groups of 40-50 manta rays. There is little coral variety but we have spotted Dugongs and eagle rays also.

The Alley
A remarkable divesite in south Komodo, a little island in the south bay. Beside the healthy and untouched corals you can see gaint travelly, whitetip and blacktip reefsharks and also manta rays during feeding time. Also mola mola or sunfish have been spotted here.

A pillar like rock on the shore locates the divesite. Here you find a very interesting reefscape huge walls and steep slopes with large schools of fusiliers, sharks, gaint baracuda and odd turtles, fire urchins, sea apples and more.

Cannibal Rock
A small seamountain in a protected bay of south Rinca between the island Nusa Kode. Its famous for a varied and colourful invertebrate life, rich in softcorals and sea cucumber species. Also sea apples, fire urchins with coleman shrimps, colorful nudibranches, spanish dancer, scorpion fish, schools of surgon fishes, pygmy seahorses and frog fish have been seen here.

Yellow wall
Yellow wall is located at the entry of Nusa code and south Rinca and is named for the massive yellow soft corals. There are many bright sea apples, colorful sea urchins, nudibranches, cleaner chrimps, schools of surgon fishes and many many more.