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Bali sales office
Jl : Hangtuah No. 10 Denpasar
Telp/WA : +6281237907568
Email : info@komodoexotictour.com
Gmail : toursket@gmail.com
Labuan Bajo Office
Jl. Ande Bolle No. 2 Puncak Waringin
Telp/WA: +6281237907568
Email: info@komodoflorestours.com

About Us

Registered Name: Komodo Exotic Tour
Address Office Bali: Jln. Hangtuah no. 10, Denpasar
Office Flores :: Jln. Puncak Waringin, Labuan Bajo
Telephone number : +62 81236314406
Mobile : +62 81236314406

Email : info@komodotours.net
website : www.komodoexotictour.com

Komodo Exotic Tour is a reputable company engaged in the field of Travel Services, especially to Komodo and Flores. The most of our customers are European countries, America countries and Asian People either individual, family, group and also as group of Students.
The entire guest whole use Komodo Exotic Tour would be well served by our experienced in their fields, so that every guest have knowledgeable about the depth and breadth and appeal of tourist attractions scattered around Flores and Komodo. Besides the hospitality that we have can provide a sense of security with good service. Therefore plan your holiday with Komodo Exotic Tour.